Founded in 2016, we are FURY. An esports organisation committed to developing unknown and underrated talent within the global landscape.

Founded in 2016 as a competitive Rainbow 6 Siege Team, what followed is an organisation operating across three continents, over multiple games. 

From the beaches of Rio Di Janeiro to the castles of Denmark to the cafe's of Melbourne, FURY is an esports organisation quickly becoming entrenched in the vast esports landscape.

With over $250,000 worth of prize money, multiple top placements across games such as PUBG, Overwatch & Rocket League, FURY is developing the brightest and best esports talent of tomorrow. 

Who's behind fury?
Miles Johnson

Managing Director
Hailing from a background in leadership, Miles is responsible for our global business operations.


Jesse Davies

Director of Esports

Responsible for all of what's happening within our esports ventures, Jesse hails from a very experienced background with multiple stints at high tier Oceanic organisations

Joseph Basso

As well as being a talented Caster embedded within the Oceanic region, Joseph is the current CEO of FURY Global.


Eva Kauffman


A long standing FURY member, Eva is responsible for our account and record keeping, ensuring we maintain and adhere to relevant regulations.