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FURY Global Enters The LCO

Today FURY Global is proud to announce our entrance into the LCO via the acquisition of the slot formerly occupied by ‘The Chiefs’ with immediate effect.

With previous domestic titles and success across a range of titles and regions including APAC & LATAM we see League of Legends as a new challenge to further grow and enhance the FURY's approach to esports we hope to continue fostering and nurturing talent and enabling them to be their best selves in and out of the server.

“FURY is excited to dive into a new esports franchise, after admiring the LCO from afar for many of years we’re thrilled to finally have the opportunity to make our entrance into the league, FURY’s strategy has always been to position ourselves strongly in every game we’ve dived into boasting numerous domestic championships across a number of games and regions and we see the LCO as a new challenge to further enhance this legacy.”

  • Miles Johnson CEO

Leading this new frontier will be our Director of Esports, Jesse (Damujii) Davies and we will be looking to build not only a strong championship minded team in the server but a team of champions outside the server around the players to enable us to be a strong contender in this region for years to come.

We have big shoes to fill acquiring the slot of a team that has dominated this region in LCO over the past several years and we fully intend to build our own legacy in this title in the years to come.

Any questions or inquiries can be directed to

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