FURY Global's Statement Regarding PGI.S

Dear FURY PUBG Fans,

By now you are no doubt aware of FURY's exclusion from PGI.S on the basis of travel restrictions.

Whilst we appreciate 2020 has been a challenging year, with many hurdles, stumbling blocks and missteps along the way as esports transitioned back to an online era of competition, we do believe in this instance that our team and our players in particular have been denied an opportunity that they rightfully deserved.

Whilst it may be PUBG Esports firm belief based on advice they may have received that our players would have been unable to attend due to the 'Travel Ban' in place by the Australian Government, we would have at the very least appreciated some consultation and the ability for us to at least attempt to make the necessary arrangements to gain an exemption to attend PGI.S in February of 2021, as we have already seen this year other Australian entities leave the country for esports events and it is our firm belief with our own consultation with 3rd parties locally that we to would have been able to gain such exemptions.

Additionally we are disappointed in the way this decision was communicated to the players locally, mid way through the largest ongoing tournament in the region, in future for all parties involved it would be better if such potentially 'bad news' is communicated post tournament or communicated via The Organisation to pass onto the players in the right forum at the right time.

Regardless of this decision FURY Global remains fully committed to PUBG Esports in 2021 and to our players:

Jesse 'Insight' Spencer

Lachy 'Fludd' Thompson

Matt 'Ronon' Lee

Nathan 'Ykikamucow' Lynham

We are as an organisation are incredibly disappointed on behalf of our players as we know they would have done extremely well during this event.

We appreciate all the support that the community has shown us in 2020 and in regards to this situation specifically, we look forward to being able to give back to the community in 2021 and to continue to raise the bar domestically and internationally in PUBG Esports.

Miles Johnson

Managing Director

FURY Global

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