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FURY Rainbow 6 Siege - OCN Departure

Today, we announce the departure of our recently qualified Rainbow 6 Oceanic Nationals roster. Since joining FURY back in March 2021, the team has gone through many changes and continued to grind through the disappointments, the heartache and the doubts.

The team itself began with a 4th place finish in the First stage of the Oceanic Challenger league, and proceeded to bounce back with Winning both Stage 2 & 3 of the OCL and solidifying themselves as the champions of OCL by taking a 3-1 Victory in the Oceanic Challenger League 2021 Finals. The team proceeded to carry this momentum into their Oceanic Nationals relegations and proceeded to qualify for the upcoming 2022 Oceanic Nationals season with the intention of reaching APAC South.

"It was an absolute pleasure representing Fury over the past year. We had some pretty shocking moments especially at the start of the year but Fury was always there supporting us and helping us reach our full potential. I wish the best for all the staff and most importantly to Quickdraw, Damuji, Venm and Crenuxe. We wouldn't of been able to achieve what we did without your support, so thankyou.

Moving forward we will be looking for a new home to represent throughout the 2022 season of OCN to help us achieve our goal of qualifying for APAC South at the end of the year. Again thankyou to Fury and everyone who supported us, we are excited and ready to prove ourselves on the OCN stage" - Jacob "Presidnt"

We like to extend a thankyou to all members of our R6 Division for the 2021 season:

Presidnt, Quiz, Brendo, Deptra, Tuhan and coach Boats, for their time under the organisation.


Joseph Basso

Chief Executive Officer

FURY Global

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